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 Bibliography of Resources
used for the Human Organic
as per the Hugo Lj. Odhner edition of 1940. Revised in 1964

G. Watts Cunningham Problems of Philosophy New York 1924

Prof William James (Book quote?)


Funk and Wagnalls Standard Dictionary, 1928

The Epic of Gilgamesh, the Book of the Dead, the Tao The King, the Rig-Veda, and the

Upshanishads. (See pg. 11)

G.R.S. Mead Fragments of a Faith Forgotten

Thilly History of Philosophy New York, 1927

H.H. Titus, Living Issues in Philosophy 1946

H.H. Titus, Living Issues in Philosophy Amer. Book company 2nd ed. 1953

J.A.V. Butler Man is a Microcosm New York, 1951

A.I. Oparin The Origin of Life on Earth 1957

Du Nuoy Human Destiny

Schrodinger What is Life? Cambridge and New York 1946

Gustaf Stromberg, The Soul of the Universe Philadelphia, 1940

Lillie, General Biology and Philosophy of Organism Univ. of Chicago Press 1945

History of Animals, Parva Naturalia

Erik Nordenskjold History of Biology (Alfred A. Knoff) 1928

J. Mayer Seven Seals of Science 1927

Fritz Kahn Man in Structure and Function 1956

Sutton (see pg 79 B)

Stromberg Soul of the Universe

McElroy and Gloss The Chemical Basis of Heredity A symposium

Crick The Chemical Basis of Heredity A symposium

Upjohn Co The Cell A Scope monograph on cytology

Shedd History of Christian Church Doctrine 1893 (See page 79e)

Dr Hans Selye's The Stress of Life 1956

Wilson The Cell Macmillan from White's Principles of Genetics 1940 (Se page between 82-83)

Gray's Anatomy 1918

Dr Alexis Carrel Man the Unknown New York and London 1935

Conger Theories of Macrocosms and Microcosms in the History of Philosophy New York: Columbia University Press 1922 (See Pg. 119)

"Zohar" ? (See Pg. 104)

Athan, Kircher Mundus Subterraneus (1601-1680)

Story of the Human Body New York 1930

Kimber and Gray 1938 edition

Herrick Introduction to Neurology 1934

Gardner Fundamentals of Neurology 1952

Mueller Spatz Neurological Charts (Pg. 213)

Quinn ? (See Pg. 218-9)

Textbook of Histology 1942 (See Pg. 232)

F.L. Ruch Psychology and Life 1941 (See Pg. 249 and conceptual diagram on facing page)\

Penfield and Roberts Speech and Brain Mechanisms (Princeton University Press, 1959)

Penfield and Jasper 1954 (See Pg. 251)

Philosophical and other Pre-Theological Works by Swedenborg

The Animal Kingdom (Kingdom of the Soul, as it were)

Economy of the Animal Kingdom

On Generation

The Principia (see Pg. 2)

The Spiritual Diary

The Spiritual Diary Minor

The Word Explained

Rational Psychology

De Fibre

Periods ? (See Pg. 85)

The Brain

A Philosopher's Notebook

Psychological Transactions

Sensation (a part of above work)

The Periosteum (See pg. 123 D.) ???

De Verbo


The Cerebrum

The Five Senses (See Pg. 210)

Index of the missing work on marriage

Chemistry, Misc Obs, Lesser Principia de Infinito Psychologica (See Pg. 264)

The Worship and Love of God (See Pg 265)

Mech. ? (See Pg. 282)

Theological Works by Swedenborg and the Bible





1 Corinthians




Acts ii




Earths in the Universe

Intercourse Between the Soul and the Body

Docu. (?)

Arcana Coelestia

Divine Love and Wisdom

The New Jerusalem and its Heavenly Doctrine

The Divine Wisdom

The Divine Love

True Christian Religion

T. ? (also TCR?)

The Infinite (see Reference 1083 Pg. 219)

The Coronis

The Last Judgment Posthumous

The Divine Providence

Conjugial Love

Apocalypse Revealed

BE? (See pg. 93)

Apocalypse Explained


Athanasian Creed

The Lord/De Domino

Doctrine of the Lord

The Last Judgment

Invitation to the New Church

Heaven and Hell


New Church Collaterals

Hugo Lj. Odhner Principles of the New Philosophy from New Philosophy, Vol. XLIV, no3 (July 1941)

"The Theological and Philosophical Basis for Teaching concerning the Human Body" Academy Journal Vol. 3, no 2

H. L. Odhner's "The Cosmology of the Bible; Its Sources, Its Purpose, and Its Influence"

In New Philosophy Vol.? (1956)

Journal of Education, 1925

New Church Life 1930

The Origin of Man New Church Life 1928

Dr. C. R. Pendleton Journal of Education Vol. XXIII

Hugo Lj. Odhner "Marriage and Modern Learning" 1955

Beekman Correlation Theory of Spermatogenesis New Church Life 1906

Reference 455 on Pg. 103 of the text ?

C.T. Odhner Mythology of the Greeks and Romans

C.T. Odhner Golden Age Bryn Athyn 1913

H. L. Odhner's "Paracelsus and the Mystical Tradition of the Renaissance" dittoed article (See Pg. 105)

W.B. Caldwell "The Solar System a Man" New Church Life February 1947

H. L. Odhner Spirits and Men 1958

John Worcester Physiological Correspondences (Boston:1895)

Internal Swedenborg Congress (London 1911)

M. Ramstrom Emmanuel Swedenborg Investigation etc. (Univ of Uppsala 1910)

Dr Edith Bancroft New Philosophy 1950 and 1951

Dr A.Acton New Philosophy 1937 (See Pg. 213)

New Church Life 1946 (Pg. 227 says "...a study of the connection of the cerebellum with the hereditary will and of the cerebrum with the acquired will...")

Rev Samuel Howard Worchester M.D. The Teachings of Swedenborg's Theological Works on Anatomical and Physiological Subjects (Urbana, Ohio 1899)

Dr. R. L. Tafel's Interpretation of Swedenborg's theories on the motion of the brain (See Pg. 233)

H. L. Odhner Swedenborg's System of Discrete Degrees: Chart of Historical Development New Philosophy 1944

Seven Articles by Hugo Lj. Odhner on The Human Mind New Philosophy Jan 1954-Jan 1956

Where Two Worlds Meet New Church Life 1952( See Pg. 301)

Spiritual Influx and the Theory of Occasional Causes New Philosophy 1959 ( See Pg. 319)

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