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Today the Think Tank HO Group got notice that the interactive capability it was promised is now working.  Geoffrey Odhner has completed the program for building a draft Encyclopedia of Correspondences as described below.  Only members of the HO Group will be able to follow the progress of the project, but the public will see items from time to time that summarize the higher meanings such as correspondences that the think tank has agreed upon.  Key members of the group will be able to key into the draft version topics in the form of a word or phrase, various higher meanings for those topics in various contexts, and comments to explain and discuss the implications of those entries.  When the number of items on the various meanings of various topics that are published on this site has reached a critical mass, so to speak, people will start to come here to check on the fruit of the think tank's investigations.  



       The name has been changed from Human Organic to Higher Meaning.
       Since May, 2003, this site has been stagnant on line, although there has been activity back stage for collecting more materials, redesigning the site, and reorganizing the think tank for interactive communication between Human Organic Group members.
       Its home page is now pleasanter, and expresses the purpose of the site in a simpler and clearer way.   It introduces a navigation bar similar to the former version, but the ride from one page to the other is smoother.
       The activities page is trying to introduce things visitors can do that will actually use the language of correspondences, because that is what makes language a living tool.  There are various activities in the planning stage for that page. 
      But the papers page is much better than on  You can search by Author, Title, Publisher, or by just about any subject you want.   The search engine can let you fined any word or phrase in the books and essays published on this Higher Meaning site.
        For now, the Think Tank is closed for updating.  The HO Group is getting ready to start a major project, namely:  the creation of an Encyclopedia of Correspondences.   This will be a process that will never end,  but one that must get started.
         The Contact Us button on the navigation bar lets you email the web master, and also introduces you to some of the people who contribute to the web site.  Names alone can sometimes be so meaningless!
         The Other Links button brings up a simpler page in table form for listing links, giving Name of Web Site, URL of site, and a brief note on its contents.
          I suggest you browse the PAPERS button to see some exciting additions to our list of contributions of full text items that have been entered in the past year into that are not in    ORO

This section below was for matters that had been posted relevant to the Human Organic web site, which is now history, having been terminated upon startup of



  ~~~   Another posting of Linda Simonetti Odhner, entitled RECAPITULATION THEORIES AND MAN'S PLACE IN THE UNIVERSE, printed in the Procedings of the 1988 Swedenborg and Science Symposium. ORO


  ~~~   New posting about EMBRYOLOGY:  Linda Simonetti.   [Originally published in the New Philosophy,  Jan. - June, l981. ORO


  ~~~   New postings about GEMSTONES:  A. J. Heilman, and S. D. Cole,  ORO


  ~~~   New on the authors page by the late J. Durban Odhner, an article, Reflections on Africa [Originally published in The New Philosophy July–Sept. 1978.].  Are there traces of the Ancient Word among the African Pygmies? ORO


  ~~~    From:     Jim Weaber:  [Philnet] Newsweek Cover: 'God & the Brain: How We're Wired for Spirituality'




 ~~~ Today is the opening day of the HO-Group think tank.  We have accumulated seven charter members, and have re-designed the web pages with an improved web map.  Notice, almost every page has navigation bars so that the viewer can jump to any place on the Human Organic web site that he wants.  For HO-Group members, this includes the think tank pages.  It is colorful and friendly.  Happy charter day.  ORO

2002-06-27 ~~~ Search engine installed for web site (see Overviews on Level Two).  ORO





~~~ End of web site Beginning of  This upgrade of hosting is accompanied by some additions to our on-line text files:  1) Sanfrid E. Odhner's You Are the Hero has been expanded to include a slide show of charts and graphs (without text).  We also have brought in a paper by Dr. Leon James entitled Development of Scientific Dualism that was printed in The New Philosophy. 
~~~ The Human Organic group now has five members:  Rachel D. Odhner, Oliver R. Odhner, Andrew J. Heilman, Erland J. Brock, and Reuben Bell II.















A proposed Declaration of Common Purpose has been composed. [see below]

A personal web site has been created at URL 
to implement the goals of Human Organic.  A new URL has been
reserved at for upgrading the online services for the web pages.

Digital copies of the following works have been scanned/edited for posting:

 The Human Organic Notes for Phil. 10 by Hugo Lj. Odhner
 Physiological Correspondences by John Worcester
 The Natural Basis of Spiritual Reality by Norman Berridge
 Correspondences of Egypt by Carl Th. Odhner
 You Are The Hero by Sanfrid E. Odhner 
 Correspondences - A Key to Distinctiveness by Geoffrey S. Childs,,

Further scanning and editing/enhancing work is in progress. 

A project procedure has been outlined for organizing task group work in the think tank.

A list of prospective members of Human Organic is being compiled for solicitation.

Submitted by Oliver R. Odhner,  May 3, 2002.














Proposed Declaration of Common Purpose
(5/3/02 ORO) 

What are we?

Human Organic is a science think tank devoted to the intensive investigation of the symbolic correspondence of nature to the human mind, to the structure and function of society, and to transcendental reality.

Our goals

o  Maintain a virtual library of studies on symbolic correspondences.

o  Enroll a self perpetuating and self governing membership.

o  Form task groups for  investigation of the symbolic meaning of specific natural things.

o  Publish task group reports and solicit public responses.

o  Summarize implications of report conclusions and indications for further study.

o  Examine the cultural and religious value of the investigation's findings.

Submitted  by ORO



~~~ Just installed, an anthology of a project on correspondences at the ANC conducted in the early 90's by the faculty Correspondences Committee, and edited by Geoffrey S. Childs, then president of ANC.  It's called Correspondences - A Key to DistinctivenessORO





~~~ An entirely new format for the Human Organic web site has been provided to give you, the viewer, easier access to the things of your particular interest.   A web page map heads the home page.  With it you can follow the arrows in the shortest path to your destination.  New pages have been added to organize the PROJECT part of the site.  We hope the formatting of the project files will provide a structure for the organization of project task force groups. 
~~~  New to this site is a major part of the pothumous book of Sanfid E. Odhner we had lead you to expect.  The work had not been competed, and some sections still remain to be organized for publication here. ORO



~~~ New to this site: The Natural Basis of Spiritual Reality, by Norman Berridge.  This book has been used as a text book in The Human Organic course at ANC.  It is the cutting edge of the doctrine of correspondences!  Some polishing up of the text still remains to be done, but the current condition of the book is quite readable.  ORO.






~~~  A lot of editing has been done since last notice.  1) Much of Physiological Correspondences has been cleaned up; work on this is continuing.  2) The Human Organic Notes now has the graphic images and links installed.  Further editing is planned, but in the meantime, please use it!  3) Dr. Hugo Odhner's personal copy of The Human Organic Notes which contains marginal comments and attachments has been scanned in graphic mode onto a CD and is available to students at the Swedenborg Library, Bryn Athyn, PA.  4) Carl Th. Odhner's Correspondences of Egypt is proof read and contains all the graphic images. 
~~~ We have obtained a copy of a pothumous book by Sanfrid Emanuel Odhner called You Are the Hero and a preliminary scan of the text.  We plan to publish this book on this site for its first public showing (after we have caught up with the other jobs mentioned above.  ORO



~~~ Notice that we have just introduced a scan of a book by Worcester entitled Physiological Correspondences. This gives a vivid overview of the relationship of the body organs to mental and spiritual processes.  In 1976 500 copies were printed by the Swedenborg Scientific Association. The scan still needs final proof reading. ORO
2001-08-21 ~~~ This is the day that this page was created, and this is an example of the posting of an activity.  This web site is about one week old.   For large postings, we can enter a subject here and link it to the full message.  ORO