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Lectures by Hugo Lj. Odhner


Chapter 8


1.    As the Body of God.

        A. 3637:

            Relatively to man, the Grand Man is the Lord's universal heaven; but in the supreme sense it is the Lord Alone.

        E. 11663:

            Heaven in the whole complex is the Lor, because it is His Kivine Proceeding.  The Divine operation takes nothing from the angels, although it operates through heaven.  Compared to the motor fibres or the body moved by the soul.  "Such are angels in the Divine Body which is called heaven."

Div. Love XIII:

    "...The Church and heaven are from the Lord as one man, whose forms - which are called higher and lower, and also interior and exterior - are constituted by all who love uses by performing them.  And uses themselves compose that Man, since, being a spiritual man, it consists not of persons, but of uses which they perform.  In that Man...are all those who receive the love of uses from the Lord. ... And because that Man is the Divine Proceeding from the Lord, and because the proceeding Divine is the Lord in the Church and in heaven, it follows that these are all in the Lord..."

        T. 352:

          What is the body of Christ, refered to by Paul in Eph. 1:24; I Cor. 12:27; Rom. 12:4,5; but divine Good and divine Truth?  Abiding in the Lord, Jn. 6:56; and see passages in T. 368.

            A. 3700:

                The Lord is heaven; to be in the Lord, explained.

            T. 416, 728:

                The Church and heaven constitute His Body.

            T. 63:

                The Universe as the Pleroma or Fulness of God.


2.    As the Heavens and the Church:

        T. 119:

          The whole angelic heaven together with the church on earth is before the Lord as one MAN, whose internal is the angelic heaven and whose external is the church; or more particularly, the highest heaven constitutes the head, the second and last heavens the breast and the middle regions of the body, and the church on earth the loins and feet.  And the Lord Himself is the soul and life of the whole of this man.  Wherefore, if the Lord had not performed REDEMPTION, this man would have been destroyed - as to feet and loins by the seseeding of the church on earth; as to the gastric region by the seceeding of the lowest heaven; as to the breast by the seceeding of the second heaven - and then the head , having no correspondence with the body, would fall into a swoon.  Illustrated.

        D. 3419:

          That the whole of the Grand Man is an organism, and represents the purer membranes and grosser things of the body, and the Lord alone prepresents interiors thus the Bloods in the derivatives.   Article.  (Described)
           ...Wherefore the whole Grand Man is Patient force or Passive force which is termed dead in se;  but the Lord alone is the active force - the agent or living force; hence a Marriage.  (And the Lord is compared to a Bridegroom and heaven to a Spouse.)

        D. 3576:

          The universe, as to its contents from the inmost to the ultimate, is organic.  The Lord alone is Life; thus the universe is filled by the Lord.  (He animates it as a Body, Div. Wis. xii, 5 end.)

        A 3189:

          The whole heaven is arranged by the Lord according to the Divine form which is in Himself.  The form of the spiritual kingdom is according to the arrangement of the affections in His Divine Human.

        Inv. 28:

          In what sense the Church is the Body of Christ, expl.  The Lord is present in heaven, as the soul in its body.

        H. 65:

          Heaven...is a Divine Spiritual Man in the Greatest form, even in the "figure" (effigia)...  Compare next:

        H. 99:

          Nevertheless man is not the iimage of heaven as to his external form, but as to his internal one...  (Explained and developed.)  (Compare Paracelsus.)

        E. 12222-4:

          The Church on earth, also, is before the Lord as one man.

                  Not only does the Church on eath, together with the angels, make the interiors of that Man, but also the exteriors, which are the cartilaginous and bony parts; these the Church makes because the men of the earth are provided with bodies in which the lowest spiritual is clothed with the natural.  This is what makes the conjunction of heaven with the Church and of the Church with heaven.  (Read the whole apssage.)

3.    As the Kingdom of Uses.

        a.    Of Heaven (H. 59-67, gen. art.)

        b.    Of the Spiritual World.

          Including also Hell, in a certain temporary sense. (Cp. "Least in the kingdom of the heavens.")

          See, on the contrary, the doctrine concerning the "Grand Monster".

4.    As composed from Spirits and Men from all the Earths of the Universe.

        See. U. 5, 9; (A 3807) (Cp. D. 5003e)

                A. 3631e

                D. 1710

                        Note:     The Earth, in this series, represents the senses of man.

          D. 1145  1/3

5.    As the World of Spirit.        (D. 2439)

6.    As Individual Societies, or Groups.

          (H. 68-72, Gen art.)

End of Chapter Eight