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The Divine Allegory
by Hugo Lj. Odhner

The story of the peoples and lands of scripute and their spiritual significance as revealed in the Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg (New York: Swedenborg Foundation, 1954)


In the preceding study of the spiritual meanings of the Scriptures, the writer has drawn freely from the various theological Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg. References to these works axe inserted only occasionally, but students are referred to the invaluable six-volume index, "The Swedenborg Concordance", compiled by the late John Faulkner Potts. A special acknowledgment is made of our debt to the works of the late Professor C. Th. Odhner, whose book, "Correspondences of Canaan", now out of print, must be regarded as the classic in its field. It gave the initial impulse to the present study.

We make grateful acknowledgments to Charles Scribner's Sons and to the Clarendon Press, for the permission to use certain diagrams. And special indebtedness is felt towards the following authors and their works:

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used in citing some of the works of Emanuel Swedenborg

AC - Arcana Coelestia
AE - The Apocalypse Explained
AR - The Apocalypse Revealed
CL - Conjugial Love
Coro. - Coronis to the TCR
DP - The Divine Providence
LJ - The Last Judgment
SD - The Spiritual Diary
SS - Doctrine of the Sacred Scriptures
TCR - The True Christian Religion
WE - The Word Explained (Adversaria)

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