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The Divine Allegory
by Hugo Lj. Odhner

The story of the peoples and lands of scripute and their spiritual significance
as revealed in the Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg
(New York: Swedenborg Foundation, 1954)

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Table of Contents

Beyond History

The Hebrew Perspective
The Location of Paradise
The Pre-adamites
The Old Stone Age
The Racial Migrations
The Extent of the Golden Age

Nations of the Ancient Church

Noah and the Spread of the Ancient Church
The Nations of the Ancient Church
The Decline of the Ancient Church
Japheth and Shem
The Hebrew Church

The Patriarchal Period

The Covenant with Abram
Conjunction by Correspondences

Canaan and Egypt

The Prophetic Role of Abram
Problems of Biblical Chronology
The Date of the Exodus
The Spiritual Egypt
The Formation of Egyptian Culture
The Scientifics of Egypt
Egypt, the House of Bondage
Religious Elements in Israel
Meaning of the Exodus

The Conquest of Canaan

The Correspondence of Canaan
The Inheritance of Reuben
The Balm of Gilead
The March into Canaan
Manasseh in Bashan
Simeon and Judah

The Northern Tribes

The Migration of the Danites
The Sources of the Jordan
Issachar and Zebulon

Joseph and Benjamin

The Inheritance of Joseph
Benjamin - the Medium
The Lot of Benjamin

Israel Among the Nations

The Kingdom Divided
The Captivities of Israel and of Judah
"These things are an allegory."

The Land of the Gospel

Canaan - the Scene of the Advent
The Old Jerusalem and the New
The Allegory of Regeneration


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