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Lectures by Hugo Lj. Odhner


Chapter X



1.    Knowledge of this is Supremely Predicated only of GOD.

          H. 62:

            The Grand Human Form of heaven is not seen except by the Lord.

            Societies of heaven are seen in the human form also by the angels

          A. 1414e:

            With the Lord alone was the correspondence of His body with the Divine most perfect.  Cp. A. 17292.

2.    Angelic Knowledge.

          H. 62:

            An inference from the lesser societies being seen in human form.

          A. 4318:

            The chief thing of the intelligence with angels is to know and perceive that all life is from the Lord, and also that the universal heaven corresponds to His Divine Human, and consequently that all angels, spirits, and men correspond to heaven; and to know and perceive the nature of this correspondence.

          A. 3626:

            The most secret structures of man, and his relation with the universe, are known to the angels.  (A. 2992e)

          T. 65, 66:

            Angels know what province of the Grand Man they are in.

3.    Unknown to the Spirits.

          A. 4800:

            Spirits do not know to what province they are assigned.

4.    How it is known to what Provinces Angelic Societies are Assigned.

          A. 5171:

            It is known from their situations in respect to the human body, and also from their operation and influx.  For they can flow into and operate on that organic member in which they are; but their influx can be perceived only by those in the other life, and not by man unless his interiors are so far opened; nor even then unless sensitive reflection be given him by the Lord, to which perception is adjoined.

5.    At the Present Day:

            No one can know the spiritual things to which natural things in the world correspond, except from heaven... H. 110
                   (Science of correspondences has been lost.)

6.    How Swedenborg was given a Perception of the Subject,

            may be inferred from  A. 5171 (above).

            Preparation by natural truth also is necessary; hence -

          A. 2992:

            When Emanuel Swedenborg was reflecting on anatomical subjects, he was led to his conclusions by angels who were reflecting on correspondences.  A. 3347, 3626.

              DISCUSS;  Does this refer to his preparatory labors, or to his period of revelation?

End of Chapter X