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  Human Organic notes


 Berridge, Norman J.

The Natural Basis of Spiritual Reality


 Geoffrey S. Childs, Pres. Academy of the New Chruch with wife Helga.

Anthology on Correspondences

Stephen D. Cole

Gemstones in Breastplate


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Precious Stones


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The Correspondences of Egypt, A Study in the Theology of the Ancient Church 


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 Correspondences of the Developing Human Form, Parts I & II.


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Correspondences - Doctrine/Science  


Emanuel Swedenborg, Swedish Assessor of Mines, Revelator

 Teaching about Correspondences, from his work on The New Jerusalem And Its Heavenly Doctrine.


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You Are The Heuo  


Worcester, John

Psysiological Correspondences


Allen J. Bedford,  Head, Math & Sci Div, Bryn Athyn College of the New Church.  

Chemical Education Between Bethel and Ai


 Reuben P. BellPresident, Swedenborg Scientific Assn.,
Doctor of Osteopathy, New Church Priest



Aubrey Cole Odhner, Dean of Girl's School, Academy of the New Church
Quest for Meaning



Ian J. Thompson, Professor, Dept. of Physics, Universicy of Surrey, U.K.